Desert Jeep Safari

Driving in country jeeps through a mix of soft sand of desert dune and rough and rocky terrain of thar desert give you an ultimate trill and sence of advanture along with a chance to see the varied wild life of the desert. Going down a steep sides of dune makes even the bravest hold there breath. and can give run for there money to any dune bashing done around the world. sunset from the very top of a dune make the world feel so small around you and cool night air make its a memorable experiance to remember.

Camel Safari

Coming all the way to the great Thar desert and going back without a camel ride? Imagine that. At Rawla Osian , Guests are wlcome to a ride on the back of the desert’s most famous and iconic inhabitant - The Ship of The Desert. Camel Safari give guests an opportunity to see the splendour of the Thar Desert from a little high-up. With help of the trained and veteran camel handelers we help guests take perch atop a sitting camel and soon after, the beasts rise up and walk while the accompanying tour guide shares folk stories and interesting facts about this part of the Thar.

Village Walk / Dhani Safari

Dusty brown thar desert comes to life in small villages of Rajasthan were colorful turbans and bright color langa choli with Bandani laharyia dupata make life so bright and shiny. Your journey is never complet if you miss going to these small dani and enjoy the endless hospitality and true meaning of अतिथिदेवो भव meaning Atithi Devo Bhava - Guests are Gods!!!

Black Buck and Crane Safari

The tough life of the osian desert is well adapetd by one the most beautyfull The blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra), also known as the Indian antelope. When born all the antilopes are brown in colour but as they grow the Male change the colour of their coat and become shiney black. It's protected undee r the wildlife act and roam freely in the wilderness of giving motion to the slow life of the desert.

Bishnoi the sect was founded by Guru Jambheshwar (b. 1451) after wars between Muslim invaders and local Hindus. He had laid down 29 principles to be followed by the sect. Bish means tweenty and noi means Nine . Thus, Bishnoi translates as Twenty-niners. Killing animals and felling trees were banned. Before his death, he has stated that the black buck was his manifestation after death and should be conserved. The Khejri tree (Prosopis cineraria), is also considered to be sacred by the Bishnois. Till date they follow the laws religiosly and Bishnoi villages provide safe heavens for hundreds of these magnificent animals.

In Rajasthan Atithi Devo Bhava comes to life in a very different form "Demoiselle Cranes of Khichan" called kurja by the locals, every year thousands of bird vist the small village feedding grounds all due to the efforts of two men: Ratanlal Maloo, who began feeding the birds enmasse and Servaram Malli Parihar, an activist who has helped to save the birds from the dangers of electricity.

Temples of Osian

Osian is a historic town wilth lots of anicinet temples of both hindhu and jain religion. Main being The (Mahavira, महावीर) Temple, built here in A. D. 783 and The Sachiya Mata Temple also called Shri Osiya Mataji is Kuldevi of Oswals. The sun temple and the Katan Baori make it a must vist for all because of its rich heritage it is also called as "Khajuraho of Rajasthan"